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A history driven by races and classes

Defense of the Citadel is a cooperative "hero defense" board game for one to four players. Selectable races and classes gain each player unique skills and game strategies for the co-defense. Together as a team, they need to defend the heart of the citadel against the invasion of waves of various monster enemies.

Co-op Game

The players all work together towards a common goal. There is no game master. Enemy units move according to rules.

Two Game modes

Players can choose to play on a predefined scenario, or a campaign to shape his or her own story.


Defense of the Citadel offers players large amount of freedom of choices throughout the game. It is designed that each game the player plays would be an experience as unique as possible.

Game Contents


Players can choose from six different and unique races. Each race comes with unique set of traits, abilities and strengths.


For each character, the player can choose up to two classes they are proficient in out of six, so that there are a total of fifteen different combinations available.


You can craft a wide variety of items such as weapons, armors, tools, consumable items and traps. You can also recreate the citadel with new infrastructures and rooms!


The enemy waves are constructed from the invasion cards. The number of invasion cards and the types are dictated by the number of spawn points and scenario conditions.

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